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A Path Less Traveled... 

Like most people in the United States I have been concerned with
my weight for all of my adult life.  Three years ago I began a journey
to try correcting the damage done to my body from years of neglect
and just plain stupid eating habits.

I started a journal of this journey.  Recently I decided to post it to this
site.  So if anyone that wants to, they can track my progress.  And
hopefully it will help some one to learn from my mistakes….and I
made plenty.  Big, hairy, stupid mistakes….  Really, for a smart guy,
I can get pretty stupid sometimes.  

Anyway, if you are reading this, I hope you get something out of it as
I bare my soul and post things I’ve written when I thought no one
would see them.

You will laugh…
You will cry….
You will want to listen to nails on a chalkboard…

Token Fat Guy sheds the pounds



TFG Chart

In addition I stared a journal back when all this began.  Since then I've converted it into a blog so everyone can follow my progress.  

Click here to read the Blog.....